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Doppler Fetal Monitor

The fetal monitor provides continuous monitoring, display and recording of the fetal heart rate (FHR), and tests and monitors the prenatal uterine function (UA). Detection principle: According to the principle of ultrasound Doppler and the change of fetal cardiac current, the main structure with fetal heart rate recorder and uterine contraction recorder can describe the fetal heart activity pattern measuring instrument.

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    Type I.jpg

    Type I


    • High brightness 7-inch LCD (TFD display, 90-degree flip

    • Data storage: it can save 600 hours of continuous monitoring or 300 curves and data archives, and supports fast playback of print

    • Print speed: lcm / min; 2cm / min; 3cm / min optional print speed fast playback 25mm/s

    • High-performance models with built-in lithium battery, with automatic power-down data storage function abnormalities

    • Integration of the wall-mounting position without wall brackets meet different clinical environment

    • Scalable twin monitoring, fetal heart rate curve adjusted separable not overlap

    • Having Pinyin input method function, you can complete and print out data input pregnant


    • Unique user-friendly design, Hidden handle design, portable, easy to move

    Doppler fetal monitor type I (4).jpg


    Doppler fetal monitor type I -2.jpg

    Type I .jpg


    Type II.jpg

    Type II


    • Built-in 112mm lattice thermal printer, display width and print width at a ratio of 1:1, and the printer has overheat automatic protection function.

    • Data Storage: It can continuously save 600-h monitoring curve and data or 300 archives.

    • Print speed: lcm/min;2cm/min;3cm/min, supporting fast playback printing.

    • Standard built-in removable high-performance lithium battery, which can work for 4 hours continuously, with automatic storage of abnormal power-down data.

    • Automatic fetal scoring function is optional and the fetal scoring report can be printed.

    • Upgraded twins monitoring and the twin heart curve can be separated and adjusted without overlapping.


    • Retractable thermal array printer, more comprehensive functions. Retractable high-resolution thermal array printer, 1.2,3mm / min optional print speed, more convenient for printing. It has the paperless automatic detection and thermal head automatic overheat protection functions, and the protection is more effective.

    • Support automatic playback scoring functions and provide references for clinical applications.

    • Unique design and large screen display. It adopts the high-brightness TFT LCD display, 10.2-inch width display and adjustable at 30°, applicable for various application environments.

    Doppler fetal monitor type II (4).jpg

    Type II (2).jpg





    This device can only be used by trained medical staff in hospitals, clinics, clinics and patients' homes.


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