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Tongue Depressor

They are designed for strength and durability. Made of 100% high quality wood & uniform in color. Sturdy & constructed to be the smoothest tongue depressor in the market.

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    1. Product name: Tongue depressor

    2. Material: White birch wood, stainless steel

    3. Size: Adult 150*18*1.6mm, Child: 140*17*1.6mm

    4. Certificate: CE,ISO and etc

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    1. Disposable,smooth

    2. Clean,straight,natural

    3. Healthy, eco-friendly

    4. Sterile and non-sterile


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    The tongue depressor is mainly used as an inspection tool for oral cavity and throat inspection. It is used to press down the tongue to facilitate the inspection of organs and tissues around the oral cavity and throat.

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Technical Information of Tongue Depressor:

They are 'straight' or 'curve' (in shape), metal or plastic, disposable or reusable instruments used for depressing the tongue to examine the throat and oral cavity. They are also used for spatula test in case of suspected tetanus, to examine the gag reflex and to perform posterior rhinoscopy.

The metal ones are sterilized by cleaning with soap and water and then boiling/ autoclaving. The plastic ones are cleaned with soap and water and sterilized with chemical disinfection or gas sterilization. The disposable ones come in a pre-sterile pack and are discarded after one time use.

Packing of Tongue Depressor:

1. In bulk,100pcs/box,50boxes/carton, 1000pcs/box,6 boxes/carton

2. In bundle,50 pcs/bundle,200 bundles/carton

3. Individually wrapped in paper, 100 pcs/box,50 boxes/carton

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