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Smoke Spray Machine/Fogging Machine

Shanghai Medical Corporation is professional supplier and manufacturer of Pulse Smoke Water Mist Machine / Sprayer Machine for medical use.

The Pulse Smoke Water Mist Machine/Sprayer Machine takes on the unique functions and roles on condition of different industries and working targets. It can be widely used not only in agriculture, forestry, pest- control and water-spray for road protection forests, but also in water fog spray deducting for coal yard, ore yard, slag yard, iron ore stockyard, power plants, raw materials plant, port, shipping coal, house demolition site, construction sites and so on.

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    1. Working conditions: temperature between 5-10 degrees to 35 degrees.

    2. Maximum spray quantity: 90 litres of water per hour.Scope: 20 to 50 mu of applying pesticide/hour.

    3. Fuel consumption: 0.6 -liter gasoline per acre.

    4. Medicine tank capacity-20L: 15 liters.Cabinet pressure: 0.3 to 0.4 bar.

    5. Fuel tank capacity-2L: 1.5 liters.Pressure tank: 0.12 to 0.15 bar.

    6. Empty machine weight:14kg.

    7. Exterior size (length * width * height) : 1300 mm * 250 mm * 320 mm.Packing size: 1200 * 320 * 350 (mm).

    8. The use of fuel oil, gasoline (not less than 90 #, and may not add any lubricating agent).

    9. Ignition power supply: 12 v charging source, special special spark plugs.Electric, manual dual boot.

    10. The maximum power: 19 kw or more.

    11. Safety net: cooling type retainer.

    12. Fog particles diameter: less than 30 microns.

    13. And efficiency: the prevention and control of > 15 m.


  • Features.jpg

    Fuel saving, strong power, longer range, the spraying effect is better.

    The design of automatic ignition, start more simple.

    The precision throttle control system, more stable performance.

    The efficient smoke tube ( standard parts ), smoke amount big, strong penetrating power, diffuse effect is good, efficient drug.

    The atomizing pipe (optional parts ), spraying water mist can produce more delicate and fine droplet.

    The solution tank, fuel tank use 1 mm thick quality 304 stainless steel plate be make, durable, corrosion resistance.

    The light alloy protective net, compact structure and beautiful. Compliance with international safety standards.

    It can spray smoke, and can spray mist, a multi-purpose machine.

    The enhanced heat combustion chamber, spray efficiency than similar high 10~ 20%.

    Easy detachable structure, convenient maintenance and repair, no tools can easily repair machines.

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    1. Mosquitoes and flies killing, disinfection and sterilization for sewers, covered channels, dumps, basements, air-raid shelters, and various warehouses.

    2. Prevention and treatment of diseases and pets for forests, trees, greenbelts, gardens and landscapes.

    3. Prevention and treatment of diseases and pets for crops and plants, and the temperature increasing in cold weather inside greenhouses.

    4. Sanitation and disinfection for hospitals, theaters, school, stations, docks, factories, mines, properties and communities.

    5. Disinfection and sterilization of livestock farming places for pigs, chicken, cows and sheep.

Packaging of Pulse Smoke Water Mist Machine / Sprayer Machine:


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