Medical Tourniquet

Shanghai Medical Corporation is a leading medical tourniquet manufacturer and supplier.

Medical tourniquet is kind of a device for compression of an artery or vein; uses include stopping of the excessive bleeding of a hemorrhage, maintenance of a nearly bloodless operative field, prevention of spread of snake venom after a snakebite, and aiding in obtaining blood samples or giving intravenous injections.

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    1. Product: medical tourniquet

    2. Properties: disposable TPE tourniquet for blood drawing, bleeding control,first aid

    3. Length x Width: 1"x18", 3/4"X18", 1.5"X18", customized

    4. Thickness: 0.635 mm, 0.7 mm, 0.67 mm, 0.83 mm

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  • Medical Tourniquet3.jpg

  • 5. Texture: smooth surface, skin texture, dot texture

    6. Material: Latex free / TPE / Plastic, Nylon

    7. Packing: Flat packing, Reel Packing, Reel spool packing, customized

    8. Colour: orange, lake blue, dark blue,green, customized

    9. Type: with/ without buckle/ with botton/ spinning


  • Features.jpg

    1. Simple Operation

    2. Single-use disposable tourniquet is made of latex-free material to guarantee health protection for the patient

    3. Comfortable & Safe to Patient/ Doctor

    4. Environment Friendly

    5. Wide Application

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  • advantage.jpg

    1. Qualified Latex free natural rubber

    2. Reduce cross contamination

    3. Excellent stretch recovery

    4. Used with confidence, handles safely

    5. Material available : TPE, Nitrile or Synthetic Rubber

    6. Relieve user's uncomfortableness

    7. Comfortable & Safe to Patient/ Doctor


  • Applications.jpg

    Medical Materials & Accessories: Infusion, Stanch Bleeding, First Aid etc.

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Packaging of Medical Tourniquet:

Medical Tourniquet-package.jpg

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