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Disposable Hypodermic IV Infusion Set

Shanghai Medical Corporation is a professional large-scale manufacturer and supplier of Disposable Hypodermic IV Infusion Set. 

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    Drip Chamber:soft PVC, 50cc, 54cc, 62cc

    Vented Spike

    Fluid Filter

    Flow Regulator: polyethylene or ABS

    Flexible Soft Tube:1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m

    Protective Cap

    "Y" Injection Port

    Latex Flash Ball

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    Product Name: Medical and Disposable Hypodermic IV Infusion Set

    Tube Length: 150 cm, 180cm, 200cm or customized

    Drop Type: 20 Drops/ML(Pediatric), 60 Drops/ML(Adult)

    Material: Medical Grade PVC/PP/PE/ABS, Rubber, SUS

    Sterile: Sterilized by EO Gas, Non-toxic, Non-pyrogenic

    Certificate: CE, ISO, FDA

    Lifespan: Disposable and Valid for 3 Years

    Inner Packing: PE or Blister Packing, 400 Pcs in Large Carton


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    * Sterile by EO, Non toxic, Pyrogen free , or gamma radiation sterilization.

    * Cylindrical collapsible Molded chamber with filter, fitted sharp spike that helps in better penetration of glass/plastic bottle.

    * Smooth kink resistant Non toxic PVC tubing with very efficient roller controller for accurate and unrestricted flow.

    * Self Sealing latex bulb/ tube latex for extra medication.

    * Small(Big) flexible and clear drip chamber.

    * With hypodermic needle or with scalp vein set.

    * Also available with 1. Built in airway chamber spike with hydrophobic bacteria filter., 2. `Y connection, 3. Lure lock adopter.

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